Divine Sexual Being!

Your personal access details for The Magnetic Woman One Day LIVE Event are en route to your inbox (check promo/spam tab).  

Keep this timeless collection of LOVE, wisdom, and MAGICAL teachings from 6+ of the world's most renowned thought leaders, self-love teachers, tantra gurus, self-empowerment coaches, and sexuality psychologists. Having them in your private collection allows you to take your own sweet time soaking up all the juicy insights and inspiration from up to 6 hours of teachings, rituals, and embodiment practices.  

Should you find yourself in a low moment of self-sabotaging, doubting yourself, questioning your worth, or facing a seemingly insurmountable challenge, these intimate conversations will be at your fingertips to nourish and rejuvenate you and to remind you that you are a lovable, beautiful, worthy being! 

AND if you have a sister or girlfriend or anyone else that you think could benefit from this beautiful, life-transforming ONE DAY LIVE WORKSHOP, you will have ownership rights to the replay! Generosity is powerful!

YOUR PRICE: $47.00

I can't wait to spend this magical day with you gorgeous on Mon 2/22 at 9AM PST!

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